Wednesday, October 7, 2009


Every month of 9th is our ' anniversary ' .. Hmm , didn't celebrate for this special day around 9 months and two more days it's gonna b 10 months =(

I miss HER .. does she ? =) I can still remember last month of 9th , when i was playing futsol with frens , I received a msg from HER .. I was very surprised .. She wished me happy ' anniversary ' !!!

It was so meant to me .. Because I tot i'll never received anything on tat day .. Although it was just a simple msg , but i do felt pleased ... THANK YOU !!! I appreciated it very much ..

She's coming back to MALAYSIA soon .. I'm so exciting .. At first , I was still worrying how to face her after all we were couple b4 but the status now is different .. But nvm , just let it be .. I got PATIENTLY enough !!

Hopefully the ' anniversary ' could be the real anniversary for me soon .. Hopes are still there for both of us , right ? Just to let u know , MY LOVE TO YOU NEVER CHANGE !! U're still always on my mind ..

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Is Missing Somebody In Taiwan =)

i'm at TAIWAN now .. The weather here is hotter than Malaysia now ..

Luckily , my fren's room got an aircon .. If not , i bet i wouldn't sleep well at the night .. The time here is no different with Malaysia but the " colour "of the day is earlier than Malaysia to turns dark ..

My hp cant receive any calls and msg now cuz my hp is no line in Taiwan .. I wanted to send a msg to tell HER i've reached to Taiwan last time .. But .. as I said , my hp is no line here .. HAIZ ..

I miss HER BADLY but what to do ? I'm always expecting that I could meet HER on msn , skype and facebook .. HAHA .. N just now , I have borrowed my fren's hp to send her a msg , WEE =)I dunno whether SHE receive it anot , but hope that SHE has received it ..^^

I DREAMED HER LATELY =) it was so sweet .. WEE =) I do hope that it could happens in my real life again .. Cuz SHE is "MINE" .. haha =p Going to sleep soon , hopefully can dream HER once again .. Greedy ? NO .. If you ask me do I willing to dream HER all the time ? whole life ? YES , i do .. I willing to .. =)

Friday, September 4, 2009


FINAL DESTINATION 4 finally shows at cinema on THURSDAY .. Huh , i've been waiting for this movie for ages ..

That why I've bought the ticket on TUESDAY .. Just can't wait to watch it .. haha ... Before i watch this movie , some of my frens were telling me that it was not really nice because they've watched it ..

Hmm , at first I do feel a little bit disappointed because I'm so expecting and exciting since I've watched the preview until now .. But however , i've already bought the ticket ..

= MOVIE TIME = Even though my frens have told me that not so nice , but I do still very exciting .. Movie started , the boy character looks handsome and the girl looks sexy too =p It was true guys .. haha ...

This movie was quite scary but it's not scary than FD3 .. Some of the scary parts was showing on the scene and it makes us get shocked .. But at the same time , I hate those guys who shouted louder in the cinema .. Hey , pls respect other spectators la .. Especially when I was inside the cinema too =p

This movie just only 1hour more .. quite short .. But it was not that bad like what my frens told and not that bad as what I've expected ( just my opinion ) ..

Finished movie at 1am , I and ERIC went to the toilet and paid the parking ticket then go back to home .. AND NOW , I'm writing my blog and I think I'm going to sleep now because it's 3am now .. So ... to be continue ~ haha .. PEACE =)

Wednesday, September 2, 2009


My bro Vincent has went back from US on JULY .. We didn't meet for ages but we do keeping contact though msn n skype ..

He didn't change much but became more muscular than before .. haha .. Majority , We always chill together and he used to overnight at my house most of the time =)

ERIC , another best buddy .. I introduced ERIC to VINCENT when VINCENT asked me to fetch him out for chill ... It's a chance to let them become a fren .. haha ..

They seem quite harmoniously that why we having alot of fun when outing together .. We went for movies , snooker and e-box sometimes .. ^^IT WAS A GREAT TIME^^ ..

In e-box , Vincent did something STUPID but FUNNY and It makes ME and ERIC laughing until dropped the tear .. Guess what VINCENT has did ?? That's I and ERIC have requested VINCENT to open the door and speak louder "sing together if you know this song too " in cantoness ..

He did it !!! But at the same time a staff was just passing by and get shocked when saw VINCENT .. LMAO =p haha ... VINCENT seems embarrassed n close the door quickly ..( if you were him i think you might feel that way too , right ? ) haha =p

ERIC turns , ERIC seems weak .. Why i said so ? because he always bully by us and hes not stronger as ME and VINCENT =p haha .. One day , we both have decided to work out in my house ..

I and VINCENT had done 100 times with the dumbbell but ERIC has jz done 40something then already tired and sitting on the sofa .. what a LOSER .. haha .. kidding .. ( ERIC don't get angry ya ) haha ..

AUGUST 15th - We both felt sad because VINCENT gonna leave .. haiz .. I and ERIC accompanied VINCENT to take train to KL .. After that , I and ERIC went for our dinner n get back to home ..


Hi everyone , I'm new here .. so just let me introduce myself 1st =)
I'm Alex , 18years old this year .. I think I'm a funny n friendly boy
and you might feel it if you're my friend now .. haha ..

I do hope I could become more muscular that's why I'm trying to work out everyday and eat alot .. I know that I'm quite skinny and it makes me feel that I'm weak =( I'm living in ipoh now , but soon i will b going to US or AUS for my further studies ..

I bet I will miss my FAMILY and my FRIEND badly .. I would like to say I LOVE MY FAMILY .. they'd given me a warm house since i was born .. I appreciate what they're giving me now and I promise I wouldn't let u guys down =)

Hmm .. Although something unhappy was happened to me last time , but I know I should stay stronger .. SETBACK could makes people to get improve , right ? =) n finally i would like to say , i'm missing somebody in NZ now .. PEACE =)